New Book!

“Treasure in the Forest”

This highly visual special edition art book is written and illustrated by Merve Erbilgic will be published soon!

The artist invites the reader to pay attention to how our priorities change over time and how does this shift affected our lives and changed the meaning of our life, by using the power of drawing and design.

Merve’s work can be seen in different parts of Italy during the end of the year 2018..

Ah! The frog dips to an ancient pond, only the sound of water has heard.”

(Matsuo Bashō)


Merve Erbilgic’s work was selected for the thematic section “Haiku; the flower of Japanese Poetry” in the 35th edition of The International Children’s Illustration exhibition, which was opened in October 2017 in Sarmede, Italy. The exhibition was curated by Monica Monachesi and the guest of honor was Philip Giordano, supported by 60 other artists’ contribution.
After Sarmede, Merve’s Work can be seen in Monzaat the Civic Museums of Monza – Casa degli Umiliati, which will end on March 25, 2018. Later Monza, the works of the illustrators will be exhibited first at Palazzo Ghirlanda Silva di Brugherio and then, at the Civic Center of Terragni in Lentate sul Seveso.
More about the Exhibition; “Haiku; The Flower of the Japanese Poetry” Exhibition..The dialogue between words and images continues with a focus on the most refined form of poetry in Japanese culture: the haiku, a composition of only three verses, respectively of 5, 7, 5 syllables. The haiku expresses the great sensitivity to the nature of Japanese culture, seeking deep emotion and beauty: the seasons, the concreteness of what happens and which arouses wonder. The exhibition includes a selection of classical haiku, Bashō and Issa, illustrated by the students of the International School of Illustration led by Mara Cozzolino for the Japanese woodcut and by Linda Wolfsgruber for the engraving.


Illustrators: Cristina Alaimo, Elena Angelini, Rocio Araya, Barbara Casali, Patrizia Cipolat Mis, Anna Crema, Eva Di Silvestro, Merve Erbilgiç, Maria Rita Faganello, Giulia Ferrarese, Erica Fiorio, Vittoria Giobbio, Federico Mancini, Barbara Ortelli Pin, Erhard Osinger , Brigitte Püls, Irina Righes, Antonella Todescato, Giulia Tognocchi, Chiara Tronchin.