Merve Erbilgic was born in 1988 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is currently working on contemporary illustration for children’s books, exhibitions and self projects.

She is deeply interested in creating meaning in her artwork by using experiential forms and exploring how these forms affect human perception.

After her formal education in communications and marketing, in 2015, she was selected for ‘Illustrative Today’, a long-term training program for contemporary creative – fiction illustration, in Istanbul. During the same time period, she also established her own studio. In 2017, she was selected for Advanced programmes in ‘Scuola Internazionale d’Illustrazione’ in Sarmede, Italy where she still attends select classes.

Merve has participated in prestigious exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad.

She loves to turn her books into an artistic experience. By using techniques including experimental drawing, etching and monotype in free and sensitive forms, she aims to stimulate the imagination of the audience. For Merve, a children’s book should also be a personal art gallery, which gives its audience an artistic experience.

She continues to work out of her studio in Istanbul.